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Inde Art Spaces

More than just a gallery, Inde Artspace was conceived to facilitate the networking and interaction of designers, artists, architects and the public through a program of exhibition and events that will regularly converge the parallel paths of art and design.

Adjacent to and sometimes incorporating the Inde Studio furniture showroom, Inde Artspace aims to illuminate a broad range of talent while, at the same time, sharing a wonderful and classic piece of Surry Hills architecture with a diverse range of people.

Centrally located in Sydney’s Surry Hills, Inde Art Space offers three distinct but connected spaces located within a creative hub of many well known in the design, art and fashion industries.

INDE Artspace is particularly dedicated to supporting the exhibition of work from designers who wish to extend their ideas beyond the constraints of their respective day jobs in the architecture, design and fashion industries.

Inde is currently seeking proposals for our Artspace 2013 program and would like to encourage artists, designers and curators to submit your ideas.

Please sign up to receive invitations to up coming events and exhibitions and spread the word to your like-minded colleagues and friends.

Please enquire at or call (02) 9211 9928.

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